Who am I? Who am I really? How honest am I to myself? What do I do just to impress others or be liked by others? What do I do just to be accepted by the system? What is my real expression of my truest self? Do I always say the truth? Or do I keep everything I think to myself? How happy am I really?

Let’s be honest to ourselves. Let’s all ask those questions and think deeply.

Being 100% honest with yourself is the most important thing you can do. And only then we can learn and grow from looking at our weaknesses and strengths and better ourselves. At the end it matters how honest you were to yourself and how much you set free the energy which wants to be setting free through your uniqueness. And if you really live out this expression of yourself and present to the world.

Sometimes I catch myself not saying the truth or doing something just for the appreciation.

But then I am so thankful for people who I meet or events that happen to me which reminds me what is really important in life and how I can better myself. It opens my eyes and I look at the bigger picture which is so releasing.

I know in our system and in our society it’s not easy to follow your path and not be distracted from all kinds of authorities like parents or teachers. But most important is to listen to yourself, to your higher spirit and your intuition. Actually you, yourself, are your greatest and most amazing teacher you can have. We just have to recognize it and learn to listen to our own inner voice.

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