Hello beautiful soul

To my World

Live life to the fullest

This is my deepest wish. To inspire you to live your full potential. In every situation that life offers, express yourself fully.
Allow your feelings to arise, your body to move and your words to flow.


AS WITHIN SO WITHOUT Julie and Bryce. Julie fell in love with this cute, blond boy since she first saw him. His name is Bryce. …

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One of the most beautiful feelings is to be part of a community, group where you are loved and accepted just the way you are. …

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When I was younger, I always admired girls in my age who could move their body in a fascinating, elegant and authentic way. When I …

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About Me

Actress To Be

The dance between mind and body is truly an artwork for me

Hi. I am Jana. I try to be as honest with you as I can. I want to share with you my deepest insecurities, my wishes, my dreams, my anxieties, my thoughts and ideas about all aspects of life. I share this with you because I want to connect with you. Whenever people told me about their inner world, I immediately felt connected. It was as if someone put a mirror in front of me. We’re all connected and maybe through my thoughts and words, you get closer to your true self.

Me after finishing school:

‘Studying? Maybe. But what? I don’t know. Working? I’m not good enough. What do I even want? No idea.’

Great. Now after finishing school, I have knowledge about math, chemistry, a little bit of history and a few words in spanish. But what do I really know about how to live life? About who I really am? Nothing.

I think this is what I call the starting point of the journey to myself. Three years ago I started to really question myself, life and the world around us.

I wanted to know why we’re here and what we truly are as human beings. I jumped out of my comfort zone, into new challenging experiences. First travelling for 9 months through India, Guatemala and Costa Rica where life taught me that I could do anything I want, that we are all connected and that nature is the most fascinating gift given to humanity. Then moving to another city, away from my mom’s, starting a new job in a yoga studio first as the left hand of the owner, then also teaching yoga after doing my yoga teacher certificate and as a second job I started bartending at the coolest bar in Hamburg, ponybar.

After one year of immersing into yoga, getting more and more conscious about my body and subtle energies and at last finishing my yoga teacher certificate I somehow knew that it’s time for something different, a new chapter in my life. Inspired by a conversation during a yoga retreat in Greece I started attending acting school since last year september. New chapter, new challenges. Since day one I loved studying the art of acting. Expressing myself fully, allowing all of my emotions to arise and through analysing other people, especially looking under the surface I see myself in them and every time I get one step closer to my true self.

I am very grateful for every person I met, every conversation I had, for every dispute, for every low and high and I wish for many more.

A special thanks to my dad who always held me with his hands and lifted me higher in every aspect of myself. He is the artist behind the camera and took all of the pictures. I hope you enjoy them.

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