When I was younger, I always admired girls in my age who could move their body in a fascinating, elegant and authentic way. When I watch dance movies I always feel in awe and my heart beats faster. I feel unstoppable. The body truly is a peace of art. To be fully conscious in my body is the most beautiful and amazing gift one could’ve given to me so far. Through that I gained so much more confidence in myself. When I see myself in the future I always picture myself dancing. Athentic, flexible, beautiful, conscious, upright, strong. All is one. To be connected: Body, soul, nature, consciousness.

When you dance you express your feelings through your body. In this very moment nothing else in this world exist only you and your body. It is your spirit and your body moving in harmony with each other. You are in a state of flow, nothing can stop you, this is your true self and its the purest of all. There is one moment when you feel the purest happiness and you feel like and know that you can achieve anything you want in life. There is this pure excitement flowing through you. People who see you dance like this they feel joy, love and happiness because of your purest expression of beauty within and without.

There is no perfect way of dancing, if you do it with full passion, joy and with full authenticity then it is your perfect way of dancing. Just like living. Everyone including yourself will be in awe. Beauty, joy, love, happiness, a state of flow.

Isn’t it beautiful to transfer your emotions into moving your body to a melody?

You are not your body. You are much bigger than your body. But you are represented through your body on earth. Who do you want to be? What kind of presence do you want to show the world? How you nourish your body and how you move your body represents who you are and who you want to be. Think about how you really want to feel and what kind of dance you want to show the world and inspire others. With full passion and fully authentic in who you are and who you want to be. Stay true to yourself because people can see and feel if  YOU are dancing or if you are trying to dance like someone else.

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