Be confident in who you are

Coco Chanel. There is this girl. Her name is Coco. She grows up without her parents. She sings in a night bar with her friend. She moves to Paris because she always wanted to be successful and rich. She doesn’t talk much. She observes a lot. She always says what she thinks and she doesn’t care what other people think about her. Women wear fancy, sexy dresses with tons of jewellery but Coco stayed in her black, white, grey suit with her decent hat. Everyone asks who this girl is. She gets to live in a huge house with a man who pays her everything. This is not what she wants though. She doesn’t like the fakeness and richness of all the people. She ones said to him if he hasn’t had any money his friends wouldn’t be his friends anymore. She always thrives for more. She starts to design hats for a few women and they love them. Some women would call her ‘boy’ or laugh at her but she would just smile back. She loves the way she dresses. She knows she looks beautiful in her very own unique style.

In this time period women would just marry a rich man so they don’t have to work. Their job was to entertain men and be good in bed. But Coco is different. She wants to work. She wants to earn her own money and be independent of all men. She believes in herself and in her dream to be successful and rich. She is confident in everything she does and no-one and nothing will ever change her mind.

What does it mean to be confident? Being confident is a certain frequency you’re sending out. People who are confident believe subconsciously that they will succeed in life. They all have their own definition of success. They don’t orientate themselves on others, they go their own way. They don’t think about what others think or do, they are confident because they love who they are.

But another aspect is that confident people also are confident not because they already achieved great things but because without any possessions or achievements they know that they’re beautiful human beings just because they are alive.

I sometimes struggle to be fully with myself and to feel 100% confident. I think the environment and the people who we surround ourselves with don’t make it easy to be 100% confident. We’re always confronted with how we should look, what we should achieve in our life, what kind of experience we should have to achieve something ‘extraordinary’ in our society. So I sometimes catch myself judging what I do, saying or doing things just because that other people like me. But then I realise that the only way to be successful, to stay in peoples memories and to meet people with the same frequency is to be confident in who you are. Be confident in what you believe in. Be confident in talking about your dreams and ideas and go on if someone doesn’t like the way you are.

The reason you are here on earth is to express yourself fully. That’s what a lot of people say. I’ve only experienced it in some moments but those were the most fulfilling moments I’ve ever had. It’s not easy and every day I am struggling but when I have moments of not expressing myself I take it and try to better myself next time.

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