Lizzy is 20 years old. She is scared talking to people because she is afraid that they will talk bad about her behind her back. She thinks she is not worth it to get to know her. Not good enough. She hides her true self behind a very thick wall and there are many voices in her head. She can’t escape those voices. Those voices are stopping her to really do what fulfils her. When she was younger her brother was always better than her in school and her parents where so proud of him but never paid attention to Lizzy. She wanted to be better and make her parents proud of her as well. In school she learned that there is only one right answer and if you say a wrong answer you are dumb. So she didn’t even try anymore to say something in class because she was too afraid of rejection. Her friends decided to play a game and on some days they ignored her completely and acted like they don’t even know her.

Those experiences in the past are the cause of her thoughts, feelings and actions now. Those experiences created beliefs in her subconscious mind and are now responsible for the way she thinks, acts and feels.

In our first years as a human being we are all programmed by our environment we’re in. Our parents, our teachers, our friends, the country we live in, in what kind of financial situation we’re in .. Everything shapes our belief system in our subconscious mind. We have positive, neutral and negative beliefs. How we act, feel and think is determined by our beliefs. So if we have a negative belief like ‘ I am not good enough ‘ we are afraid of certain situations and afraid of doing certain things.

Now we can either say I am a victim of my belief or we can say I have the power to change my beliefs and therefore change my reality for the better.

I encourage you to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings of certain situations and then ask yourself what kind of belief is stored in my subconscious mind that is causing those negative thoughts and how can I change the belief in order to change my feelings.

We all have the power whithin ourselves.

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