Coco Chanel. There is this girl. Her name is Coco. She grows up without her parents. She sings in a night bar with her friend. She moves to Paris because she always wanted to be successful and rich. She doesn’t talk much. She observes a lot. She always says what she thinks and she doesn’t …



Walt Disney. As a kid he would always draw on the wall of his family’s house. He loved drawing and his dream was to have his own business company. His dad once said to him: When you start something always finish it and no matter what you do, do it right. This sentence was always …



Lizzy is 20 years old. She is scared talking to people because she is afraid that they will talk bad about her behind her back. She thinks she is not worth it to get to know her. Not good enough. She hides her true self behind a very thick wall and there are many voices …

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One of the most beautiful feelings is to be part of a community, group where you are loved and accepted just the way you are. Where you are missed when you’re not there. Where you are appreciated and loved, no matter what you do or say. This kind of feeling always reminds me of my …

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When I was younger, I always admired girls in my age who could move their body in a fascinating, elegant and authentic way. When I watch dance movies I always feel in awe and my heart beats faster. I feel unstoppable. The body truly is a peace of art. To be fully conscious in my …

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