Julie and Bryce. Julie fell in love with this cute, blond boy since she first saw him.
His name is Bryce. She says his eyes are just magical. She really showed him how much she likes him but he was embarrassed by her and wanted her to stop very badly. Julie is special. She climbs on her favourite tree every morning and night to enjoy the amazing view up there. She loves the nature and appreciate Mother Earth. She is smart, she knows about Perpetual Motion and talks like she is an adult. Her interests are different from the other girls in school and she is much more mature and pure. She raises her own chicken and gives the eggs to the neighbours. Bryce never really tried to really talk to her and get to know her because he had in his mind that she’s the weird girl from next door, trying to hit on him. Bryce is just too cool for her.

But Julie always stays true to herself and she keeps doing what she loves and what she’s passionate about. She starts to like him less because she recognises that he is not honest, very judgmental and he doesn’t say what he thinks because he wants to be liked by his friends.

Julie is no more interested in Bryce and he notices it. He gets confused and actually pays attention to who she really is and how smart and mature she actually is. He starts to like her more and more and has to think about her the whole time. He doesn’t want to have lunch with the prettiest girl in school who only talks about cosmetics and food. He wants to have lunch with Julie, who is interested in planting trees and flowers.

We oftentimes have a picture in our mind how a person is like when we just see them the first time. How they dress, how they walk, how their body is in shape, how their facial expression is like. It’s very superficial. But we only really get to know people when we talk to each other, when we tell each other our passions and interests, our beliefs and world views, our thoughts and feelings. This is what connects us. I am not saying the appearance doesn’t matter. What I want to say is that the whole picture is what makes a view the most beautiful and unforgettable one. What would be a sunset view over the ocean with just the sun? What would it be with just the ocean? Or just the birds? It wouldn’t be breathtaking. It wouldn’t be exciting to see and worth to stay.

Try to really get to know people. Ask them about their deepest thoughts and what moves them. Be curious until you get to the whole beautiful view. We are all unique.

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