One of the most beautiful feelings is to be part of a community, group where you are loved and accepted just the way you are. Where you are missed when you’re not there. Where you are appreciated and loved, no matter what you do or say.

This kind of feeling always reminds me of my past tennis team. We played together for several years and I felt so happy after every training session because I could say and do whatever I felt like doing or saying without thinking about if they like it or not. It’s like family.

Sometimes when I get into new surroundings with new people it happens to me that I don’t say what I really think or I do something that I actually don’t want to do just to be liked by others. But that’s the complete wrong thing to do. We all should always stay true to ourselves because thats what makes us interesting and by doing that we attract people.

But nonetheless the most amazing thing and experience is being with beautiful human beings, having really nice conversation, making jokes, dancing and listening to music and just be in the moment, creating something together and share the ALL ONENESS and live positively within the collective consciousness.

This week it’s all about to always be open for new connections, be curious about other peoples passions and interests, connect if the vibe resonates with yours or go on if not.

I respect all of you. You are beautiful from inside out when you express your deepest and truest self. Let’s connect, laugh, dance, talk and hug each other. Let’s celebrate life. Together.

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